The Atlantico Story

We are passionate hotel real estate professionals, measuring success only by our client’s final outcome.

Atlantico Hotel Advisors was established in 2011 to meet the changing needs of our industry. From the start, we conceived a clear methodology and value-add approach focused on our deliverable, network, pricing and team innovations.

Innovative Deliverables

We make a clear distinction between our client presentation and the final deliverable. Our client presentation focuses on providing sound direction and concrete steps towards achieving specified goals. It always includes a full explanation and actual working copy of our financial model, something unique in the marketplace. Our final deliverables are refreshingly clear and concise, designed for the audience who will rely on them.

Innovative Network

From feasibility to operator search, we do more than just make introductions. We leverage our network to help build and foster new value-add relationships for our clients. We have especially strong connections within the North American brand groups and are intimately familiar with their approach. We also maintain strong links to the Cornell Hotel School, its leading research and active alumni.

Innovative Pricing

Low corporate overheads and a no-frills attitude enable us to operate leanly and pass savings on to our clients. Additionally, we offer an option to quote on a gross fee basis, allowing our clients to understand their total costs upfront. We value client loyalty. For existing clients, we conduct complimentary one-day site/office visits for new projects to provide initial feedback and advice (conditions apply).

Innovative Team

Our team is comprised of only senior hotel industry professionals. Our Principals lead every engagement.