• Feasibility Studies: When preparing feasibility studies, we first seek to establish if there is market support for the project. If supported, we then assess the competitive market, match facilities to user needs and provide detailed earnings estimates. We make a clear distinction between our client presentation and final report, a highly regarded document that may be used for project financing purposes.
  • Highest & Best Brand Search: We can effectively manage the critical process of brand/ franchise/ operator selection from initial search to ‘heads of terms’. We not only present a list of suitable alternatives, we analyse their potential impact and effectiveness while quantifying their cost/ benefit. We aim to execute the optimum relationship for the property and negotiate the most favourable terms on your behalf.
  • Re-Positioning Reports: Our written and financial analysis recommends value-add product and brand re-positioning projects for your asset. These recommendations seek to maximise asset potential and drive value. Engaged as Asset Managers, we can also execute the final project on your behalf. Our impact studies vary slightly, aiming to determine conversion impact within a family of brands.


  • Market Intelligence: Accurate, real-time market intelligence is a critical element to the hotel feasibility and acquisition process. We leverage our in-house library and interview methodology to deliver an understanding of local economic trends, supply/demand factors and locational implications of a market as a precursor to a formal engagement. We present only the most relevant criteria and key decision points in a clear and concise format.
  • Corporate Strategy: We work with leading institutional and private hotel investors as well as international brands to create successful development or acquisition pipelines in key focus markets. We partner with you – acting as an extension of your internal teams – to identify deals, penetrate new markets and improve market share. Our process begins with a business growth plan and transitions to a relationship based on deal conversion success.
  • Critical Asset Action Report: Designed to inform short-term strategic decisions about hotel assets, our exclusive Critical Asset Action Report (CAAR) includes current and future opinions of value, including important hold, invest or sell recommendations. We review market competitiveness, pricing, staffing, margins, S&M, product, physical condition, branding and management effectiveness with a view towards enhancing value for the stakeholders.


  • Acquisition Due Diligence: We provide clients with an independent evaluation of their hotel acquisition target. Our deliverable presents a physical review, competitive market assessment, financial analysis and valuation; it also includes client use of our proprietary models. Our executive summary provides a carefully crafted step-by-step plan for executing the deal. We also specialise in identifying acquisition targets within specified regions.
  • Valuations/Dispositions: When engaged to help direct a hotel disposition, we provide clients with an indicative market valuation and clear marketing strategy. Our deliverable includes a comprehensive financial analysis, also allowing for client use of our proprietary models, and may involve production of an Investment Memorandum. Through our expansive international broker network, we can also negotiate favourable terms with a listing agent.
  • Asset Management: Our institutional approach to asset management gives clients access to the same in-house strategies used by the most successful investors across the globe. Our aim is to continually add value, maximise yield and drive superior ROI projects and we regularly uncover new profit centres. Our proprietary, online asset update platform is used to provide monthly reviews to ownership and is totally unique in the marketplace.

Resort Mixed-Use

  • Our comprehensive understanding of the Vacation Ownership space in Europe positions us to offer expert advice in this domain. We have a deep understanding of the economic, investment, legal and usage framework surrounding this business.
  • We maintain specialised, proprietary models to assist in developing realistic financial projections and our extensive database of projects (both existing and in the pipeline) can be leveraged to our client’s advantage.
  • At a project-level, we can recommend strategies to create new value or recover asset returns through our Residential 360 Assessmentâ„¢ service. We can outline creative uses of fractional, timeshare, residence club, condo and mixed-use components to maximise project value.